Every partial or full restoration starts with the dismantling process.

Although dismantling is rather straight forward and not very difficult, this first step is the most important one to document.
In order to keep an overview of all parts and to know how to assemble everything again at the end, it is vital to save as many information as possible.
Describing each dismantling step, taking photos and videos and making sketches will help, but can this be done efficiently and in a structured way?

easy restoration could help you to…

  • save the information in a structred way by organising your project in modules, parts, steps and specific information relevant for each enteties
  • enter data while you are dismantling your vehicle,
  • link the information (descriptions, photos etc.) together immediatly while dismantling,
  • track the order of dismantling,
  • catalog all parts
  • enter restoration relevant information to each part (replace, clean, sand blast, paint etc.)

The next step is restoration…