After dismantling the actual restauration process starts.

If all parts are cataloged well, then you should have a good overview of all the parts and which treatments they need. You will do a lot of work yourself but probably also need help from suppliers. You will have to search for suppliers and decide which ones you will choose.

You will want to work efficiently and try to do certain treatments like painting in one time. You also want to be sure, that you send all parts that need to be chrome plated in one time to your supplier.

All expenses should be tracked and you will want to check constantly if you still are on budget.

easy restoration can help you to…

  • find your parts easily and keep track where they are (in stock or by a supplier)
  • create overviews of parts and there needed treatments: which parts need to be chrome plated?
  • find the right supplier for parts and services
  • keep track of all expences and working hours
  • keep track of the restoration progress

The next step is reassembly…